Stupid Reason To Be Sad

In January 2012 I had a stroke and my Neurologist decided that the best course of action would be to put me on a blood thinner Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) to reduce my chance of having another stroke.

Coumadin is a great medication, but one that has many complications such as dietary restrictions (almost no green vegetables because they contain Vitamin K which reduces the effect of the medication) and almost weekly visits to the Anticoagulation Clinic for blood tests.
Needless to say over the course of 2 years I have become a creature of habit. limiting the amount of vitamin k that I intake and becoming friends with the staff of the clinic.
Now that has all changed.
One would think I would be running to the hospital cafeteria and consuming all the veggies I could possibly get my hands on, but instead I sit here in the parking lot with tears in my eyes because once again a major change has taken place in my life.

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