Fathers Day 2011


I slept in today (till almost noon in fact) which is rare for me anymore. It wasn’t meant with any disrespect, but it just makes this day pass a little quicker.

When I finally put my feet on the floor I spent a few hours in quiet reflection of the few memories that I actually do still have because 29 years can play lots of tricks on ones mind.

I also must admit I have cried a few times today and I am in no way ashamed of that! The last few years I have tried to keep pushing forward and I hope that somehow you can see I am doing the best I can with what I have.

One thing that still haunts me to this day is the fact you never got the chance to see me accomplish anything to make you proud, however I hope that you can see from above the stewardship of the life you helped create some 39 years ago, I am doing my best I can with what I have today just like you taught us too!

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!!





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