Here I Go Again On My Own

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would give anything to make it happen?

Well for more years than I can count now that has been my story. I know I have my faults (perhaps a few too many) but deep down I think I am a good and caring person.

Recently I have began to question myself though, 2 failed marriages and countless relationships all end in the same fashion, Crash & Burn! I try to give of myself but you can only face rejection so many times before you finally throw in the towel and quit, but that is a task I really don’t do well because if I have wanted something in the past I made it happen.

Do I have some kind of issue that in my sub conscience that makes me predestined to never be happy?

Am I truly an ass and cruel to those I come in contact with?

I really don’t have much to offer to anyone but the knowledge I have gained in 39 years and that must not be very much considering the boat I am in currently.

Being unemployed and more or less homeless hasn’t helped matters either. There are so many things I want to do but they will have to wait.

I just have to hold fast to the belief that everything happens for a reason and wait for tomorrow……… Tomorrow is a brand new day



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