Random Fact From My World

Music is a strange thing.
It can make you want to get up and dance one minute and the next you just want to cry in your beer.
My MacBook has just over 2200 songs (6:11:21:40 total time to be exact) and there are 3 libraries of music merged into one (wait make that 4) but anyway I have probably listened to each track in my iTunes at least once and in it you can find anything from  Now Volume 7/ Evan And Jaron/ "From My Head To My Heart"
to Chicago/"Stay The Night" hell I even have German lessons mixed in there that pop up randomly (Don’t ask!)

Anyway, I guess that everyone has their own stance on life and how to live it but at least we have the music to keep us all sane 🙂

This probably makes no sense to you and thats ok, it does to me and I share 🙂


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