Tears, Chocolate Cake and A Circle of Friends

So this last week has been nothing better than 7 days thrown into a huge mixing bowl and combined into a gigantic ball of confusion and frustration.
Today however, it’s time to get up and get dressed and face another day

Something that has bothered me for a while but even more over the last few days.
“I can’t believe he did this” or “I had no idea it was this bad”
Well folks, he did and yes it was that bad.
I knew my friend for only a few months, but in that time we cried, we laughed and when I needed that extra pick-me-up I always heard “Hey you need a hug?”
I may not fully understand what he was thinking, but at some point human suffering can only be taken for so long without giving into the demons inside.

So my friend, if there truly is a place up there waiting on us, please know your work down here will not go unfinished.

Please know that we aren’t mad at you and judge you not for what you have done, rather we stand and salute you for the kindness you have shown to each and every one, whether you saw it or not.

Take care my friend, and know this world will NOT be the same without you.


If the chocolate cake is better up there, don’t rub it in our faces! 🙂

Love you bro!

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