Reality Check in Aisle 5

Today was a good day, then a bad day, then a good day and now, I have no idea in hell what kind of day it is.

Not that it’s horrible and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring kinda day now, just a “Hey Byron…….. Dude wake up you are the next contestant on “Roller Chucker” The reality game show where you consume as many hot dogs as you can while on a roller coaster at full speed!!

Maybe I’m just over reacting, and being neurotic and need to medicate myself?

What started this you are probably wondering? 

A phone call, that’s it.

A simple phone call.

When I heard what I heard, my heart sank, “Daddy I really don’t want to talk right now” but that was my brain shouting at me when all along I should have listened to my heart and I would have heard that sweet little voice and what it was really saying.

“Daddy I love you, things are different now……. strange……. you could even say, but it will all be ok one day”

This probably makes no sense to you and that’s ok.

It does to me and I share 🙂


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