One Day

As I sit here in the quiet, watching the snow beginning to fall I can’t help but to think about why life seems so hard at times, but then I am reminded that life is not  guaranteed, but only borrowed time.

When my time is over I hope that the legacy I leave to this world will be to love, to laugh and remember to make the most of each day that we have.

Each morning when I wake up it gets harder and harder to make it through the day, but knowing that there are many more reasons to keep fighting the good fight than not, pushes me forward.

Some of you know the struggles that I have been through in the past (recent and not so recent) and I have decided that from this day forward I have a legacy to build and a beautiful daughter who it may seem right now doesn’t really need me around, but someday she will.


Will this be an easy task? Hell No!! But someday she will be in some of the same situations I have been in and I hope my example will be enough to help her make it through.

So on that note, just remember as we go through our daily routine be kind to one another, offer an ear, a word of encouragement or even a smile. We CAN make a difference.


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2 Responses to One Day

  1. Jessica Moore says:

    Beautiful, Byron! I read this to my husband, John and he said to tell you “thank you for sharing that!!

  2. Jessica Moore says:

    Beautiful, Byron! I read this to my husband, John and he said “Thank You” for sharing that! Keep strong, fall down, get back up, dust off and take a few more steps…. You are AMAZING!!

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