My New Years Plan

So now it’s January 2011.

I didn’t make resolutions this year for one simple reason, I know they will never get done!!

However I decided to have a new plan this time.

Resolutions are things mostly that we hope for, and that is all well and fine, but why not promise to keep doing some things that we already do daily that will help enrich our lives as well as the lives of others?

Even on the worst of days I find at least one reason to smile.

Hold the door for a complete stranger, even if you do have to wait for a second.

Be patient with those who don’t understand your thinking.

Maybe that person riding your bumper is in a hurry (Have you ever been late?)

Compliments are free, always give them, but always accept them in kind.

Never diminish someone’s hope, it may be all they have left.

Never run with scissors

Ma’am and Sir go a long way, so don’t forget that.

If you see someone hungry, feed them.

Always keep a penny in your pocket, that way you are never broke.

There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.

~~ Anonymous

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