Every story has two sides

Am I a perfect person?
Hell No!!
Am I a caring person who will do anything for even a complete stranger? Yes

It seems as of late reality keeps slipping away like a ship on the horizon.
I cannot help what goes on inside of my head, just like you cannot control the weather.
I know more than anyone about the inner workings of my head and what goes on in there.
Last night some things happened that I still do not understand, but I feel like I am totally abandoned and that hurts.
I have cried enough lately to fill a swimming pool multiple times.
Being lied to multiple times by someone you thought was your closest friend is beyond anything that I’ve ever encountered.

You may not be my “Emotional whipping post” but after what I’ve been through you have NO RIGHT to expect anything different.
I AM NOT PERFECT, and you aren’t either.
Right now there is only one common bond between us and that is ALL that matters to me.

As of today October, 24 2010 I will no longer be fed lies or half truths about trivial matters or the important ones for that matter and just sit there and take it!

Life is entirely too short to remain pissed off, so I also am letting go of the anger.

You may not understand this post, but thats ok.

I wrote it for me, but I’m nice and share 🙂

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