Another Year And Still No Easier

The last photo with my brother

November 8, 2008 I lost my best friend, mentor, but most of all my big brother.
Rick taught me so many things that I still use daily and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him or still want to call him to ask a question.
I keep his number in my cell phone and don’t know why, perhaps just to keep one last thing close to me so I know he is always around.
2 years one would think should be plenty of time to move on but when literally your best friend on the face of the earth is taken away in the blink of an eye it’s kind of hard to deal with.
My closest family now is 6 and 12 hours away and I miss them so much.

So Rick I don’t know why you were taken so early but always remember, you have always been and will always be my hero.

I love you,


So tonight when you get home, remember this quote:

Remember “Fight with Forgiveness and never go to bed mad because it is not written in stone that you are guaranteed a tomorrow”

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