I Hate Roller Coasters


I was told not long ago “If you had your choice you would eat the exact same thing every day and wear the exact same type of clothes every day”

Sad thing is, that it’s true!

Change requires choices, choices require decisions and decisions are not something I have made wisely over the years.

Maybe it’s the fear that my choice will be hated and I can’t stand for anyone to be upset with me because in my mind if they are upset it is ultimately my fault.

The last few weeks have been like an emotional roller coaster for me, good one minute desperate the next.

Learning how to cope with my issues for the first time, feels like a lonely winding road that is all downhill.

My brain keeps trying to tell my hands how to steer, my eyes keep looking at the sky and my heart is pumping 300 beats per minute.

I know at some point it will be ok but what am I supposed to do in the meantime?

As all my other posts this one probably makes no sense to you but I’m nice and share 🙂

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