The Attic I Call My Head

In the last 4 weeks there have some major changes in my life.

Change this time though is something I can not run from. I am an excellent runner because from the beginning when something looked hard to do, or impossible off I ran.

It felt like running made things better (at least for the time being) but all that did was accumulate more junk in this attic I call my head. So many times people have told me “You look so happy” or “I wish I had your zest for life”

Little did they know exactly how well things are for me to lock away and try my best to forget.

I learned a while back though that it didn’t work out according to my evil plan.

The wounded and weak animal is ALWAYS the first to be taken out so it is easier to have the appearance of the “big bad wolf” to ensure my survival.

Well the hiding now has to end, I have to face my issues face to face and I am terrified!

I don’t like the person that has taken over me.

Sure I can be nice and funny most of the time but that is just to take the attention away from the real issues.

So please keep me in your thoughts as I travel down this road to discover myself.

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