Re Inventing The Wheel

I really need a computer to make this easier but here goes.

Just over 39 years ago in the town of Knoxville, a child was born. When the being made it’s entrance into this big spinning ball we call earth, the others began to whisper things such as “I’ve heard stories about these” or “that one will be a hand full”
Well maybe it didn’t quite happen that way, but you get my drift.

How does oneself know if they are broken or if everyone else around has a problem with perfection?

Obviously the strategy I’ve used thus far hasn’t really landed me anywhere so I need a new game plan.
There is one thing however that will always remain the same and that is the love for a little set of eyes that on a warm summer afternoon at McDonalds I saw for the very first time.
My princess is growing and I want to see her play her first sport, see her at her first recital, at her first dance and share my vast driving knowledge with her when it’s time for her permit 🙂

I’ve been down and out more than a few times and I’ve always came back but this time as I climb I’ve decided to bring along my trusty Louisville Slugger and pray that God have pity on anyone that tries to pull me back.

I’m still glad to be here and nothing can take that away!

So this probably makes no sense to you right now, and that’s ok.
It’s meant more for me, but I’m nice and share 🙂

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