What Am I Supposed To Do Now?

So yesterday I go to see the doctor and I’m supposed to get the results of my functional capacity evaluation and for whatever reason the insurance company failed to send him the results.
I called the nurse assigned to my case from the insurance company this morning to find out what was going on with the paperwork to which she replied “I don’t know why they don’t have it, it’s their fault so why not wait at least 48 hours and call them to see if they have received them”
I being the patient soul that I am called the physical therapist and told them the story of what was going on, and behold the papers were faxed in a matter of minutes to the office.
How hard is it to do your job and make 1 phone call that took no more than 3 minutes?
I also learned yesterday that I have 2 options after the doctor reviews the findings
A) accept the PPI rating that he determines and go back to work in hopes they will accommodate my permanent restriction (which they won’t) and if they can’t the state will retrain me for another vocation (probably something like taxidermy or locksmithing lol)
B) decline his PPI return to work in hopes I can do everything that I was able to do before the injury and if not, be terminated with no hope of doing a job that I love.
So now I sit and wait even longer to find my out my fate.

If you ever find yourself injured at work I beg you, PLEASE do not sit back and think that everyone is looking out for your best interest because they are not!
Be your own advocate, take notes, ask questions (no matter how trivial they may seem)

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