Im Just Glad To Be Here :)

In the adventurous days of my life, my friends and I did some stuff that made Johnny Knoxville look like a novice.
We set shit on fire, blew things up and swung on vines in the woods just to jump off so we could see who could land the furthest in the bushes.

Sometimes I miss those days, living without a care in the world then there is now, responsibility and being a grown up.
I try not to take too many things seriously on the outside, but the kid within still seems to think it will overcome.
Often you will hear me say “I’m just glad to be here” and I have mastered the art of making others believe it.
Most of the time it’s true, I shouldn’t be on this earth but for some reason I still have the opportunity to live and breathe each day.
So tomorrow after you beat the alarm clock and curse the sun, just remember.
You could be elsewhere 🙂

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