G.I. Joe with “Kung-Fu” Grip!

That was a catchy title huh?
Too bad this one is only about how I’m so pumped to go for work conditioning @ 7 freakin 30 in the morning!
4 hours working with people who have NO CLUE of what I actually do during the course of an average work day.
I understand the principle of what they wish to accomplish, but come on! I push around a 690 pound, solid metal bariatric specialty bed that can accommodate a patient up to 1,200 pounds (mind you a standard hospital bed limit is 300) and sometimes get suckered into assisting the 5’2″ nurse who can barely see over the bed (much less pull a sheet over it!) transfer a patient to their new wonder bed.
So moving around 20 pound wooden boxes from one shelf to the next seems more like what I do at break time.
I’m a compliant worker so I’ll go and still be glad to be there šŸ™‚

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