A Year In The Life

July 6, 2009 is just another day for most people, but for me it’s the day that changed my life.
I entrusted a surgeon to make a small incision in my wrist, make a couple snips with some scissors and send me on my merry way.
Well it didn’t quite turn out so swell.
I’ve had 4 surgeries, hours of therapy and enough pain to cripple an elephant.
I am lucky enough to go back to work now and get to work a whopping 20 hours weekly.
I got my first paycheck last Friday and almost passed out when I saw it was a whole $4.75.
I knew that I had to make up my missed health insurance premiums, so now with all the current deductions plus the makeup deductions I am paid the equivalent of $0.2375 hourly.
If you can get AFLAC do it!
If you ever need to have something simple done, take my advise and check them out and remember you can always seek a second opinion.

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One Response to A Year In The Life

  1. Anissa Fenoglio says:


    We love you soooooooooooo much and miss you even more. I’m going to say something really stupid. The pain you experience in your life is what helps you find and appreciate all the joy that comes along in your days here on earth………..I know F… that and whatever…whatever…..but I do know that when I take the time to see the joy and happiness I do appeciate it more. After we tie up the first surgeon and shoot him in the left knee cap will you to be able to find joy. Again we love you and talk about you all the time…..mostly good.

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