Its a ball in a god damn hole!

Ok for years now I have had a serious dislike of sports and have thought perhaps that was bad till 10 minutes ago.
To me there is only 1 television news to watch WTHR 13 every other station just seems generic when it comes to newscasts.
A kid plucked fresh from college will get a 3 year contract @ $1,000,000 yr to throw an air filled bouncy ball into a hole, then jump around and have his teammate slap his ass and somehow be ok with that.
I’ve worn many “hats” in my soon to be almost 39 years on this earth. I’ve flipped hamburgers, embalmed dead human bodies, changed oil, painted houses, delivered household furniture & appliances and sold gadgets and kitchen knives door to door just to name a few.
I have endured situations that I never wish to remember so I’m beginning to think the afore mentioned dislike of sports may have screwed me!
I worked at a car dealership and our Christmas bonus was a frozen turkey and it didn’t even have the neck or gibblets inside!!!!
So I think I have the right to be kind of pissed off when I see a person no better than the average working Joe get paid more than the average fan will make in an average lifetime.

Have fun at work tomorrow 🙂

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One Response to Its a ball in a god damn hole!

  1. Jess says:

    I have always felt this way. I can’t stand it!! What about teachers who are the ones that got them there… And they don’t get paid shit! If I had any control of this, the average joe would be well off and the ones who chose a sport as a profession would be struggling.

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