I Just Want To Feel Like A Man Again

I haven’t always been the hardest worker, but if there’s a task to be done give it to me.
Yesterday I was able to mow the grass although it hurt like hell, but thank goodness for a self propelled mower 🙂
I felt manly!
Sure it wasn’t like digging ditches or busting big rocks into smaller ones but for a guy who can’t really use his right hand and has a 5 pound restriction with his left arm it’s a big deal.
I am fortunate that I can walk, speak and see because it could be so much worse than it is.
From the beginning of time the man has most always been known as the “provider” (Yes I know women can do it too, just saying) there’s nothing like that feeling on payday that all the hard work you’ve put in has paid off (All but the deduction part, but another story)
the feeling that you’ve EARNED it is rewarding in itself.
I am used to working long hours and moving heavy equipment around to hospitals and for some time now I feel that I’ve been taking handouts!
I am a changed man and it feels that it makes no difference to some people.
This isn’t a road I chose to walk down so I could just lay in bed all day and stay up all night and let others do all the work.
I’m not looking for sympathy in these blog postings because this is my road that I must travel, and my thoughts / feelings are just as valuable as the writings of any man!
So tonight as you lay in bed and the thoughts of the day exit your mind, remember a guy in Indiana who isn’t looking for sympathy, just a pat on the back and a kind voice reminding him that one day it’ll be ok.

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