365 Days

365 days ago yesterday this all started and I just realized it today when I looked at my phone.
I woke up like any other day to go to work and I was sent to a nursing home in Anderson, IN with a bariatric bed for a patient that was in excess of 700 pounds.
The bed that the patient had was broken and it normaly took a call to the fire department just to get said patient to the shower room.
The model bed I was switching out weighs roughly 690 pounds and I’m used to moving several of them daily.
I had pulled the bed I was taking out of the truck got it inside and set it up. It took a while to get the patient from point A to point B but we got it done without an issue.
After a short break it was time to load the broken bed in the truck and head back to Indy.
When I got the bed 1/2 way up in the back, the steer lock mechanism broke and the bed took a sharp turn to the right and me being the hulk that I am pushed the right side of the bed and I knew that was a stupid move immediately. My wrist felt like it was under a elephants foot!
A few months earlier I had the same thing happen and the Dr. told me I had de Quairvain’s tenosynovitis and that an injection would make it better and it did so only after 2 days. I was hopeful this second time around I would have the same results, but I was dead wrong!
I had the injection and waited the 2 days but no relief.

So to make a long story short, here I sit in an I.V. clinic at 9:40 am on a Sunday morning watching the storm clouds off in the distance and wonder what if anything I could have done differently to avoid this chapter of The Life & Times of Byron.

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