Dear God

Dear God,
Its me, Byron again
I’ve been a fan for most all of my life now, but I’m beginning to not feel the love anymore.
I’ll probably piss off a few people with this post, but at this point I really couldn’t care less.
Sure I haven’t been the greatest example to mankid, but if I see someone hungry, I try to feed them. If I see someone sad, I try to give them a smile. If I see someone in pain, I do my best to help.
I’ve been taught that good deeds are not the only requirement to get into your kingdom when my time is over, but to me kindness is quite an important factor.
It’s now been just 3 days short of a year since I’ve been able to do something as simple as pick up my daughter or write my name without being in pain.
It’s been said that you give us no more than we can handle, but it seems that the ones saying this have it pretty good.
You already know the struggles I face on a daily basis, and I try my best to keep my chin up!
I am not the same man I was 9 months ago and I’m getting really tired.
I’ve asked for help a million times now but always the same response, NOTHING!
Most everything precious I have had in this life you have let slip through my fingers and in a matter of days yet another part will be taken away.

So if you could, how about giving a guy a break?

Thank You,

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2 Responses to Dear God

  1. C. says:

    God is always there for you, no matter what. Even when life isn’t going right, hes there. He knows what your going through always. And don’t forget that God will always love you through everything in your life. Everything will be okay in the end. (:

  2. Bambi Blue says:

    I admire you for opening yourself up like this — takes courage. I, myself, have experienced times like these. Times when it feels like nothing will ever change, the cycle will never be broken, hurt, frustration, devastation. Stuck in the mud. All any of us can do is keep faith that change is inevitable. I don’t like to say that things will get better. The reality of it is — not everything we want to ‘get better’ does. But change… change is certain.

    All things pass in time… so the saying goes. And it’s true; good or bad, all things do pass in time. There will always be new struggles for you, and while they are still struggles, take comfort in the fact that they will be new. This won’t last forever. Keep your chin up. We’re all rooting for you.

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