Mountains 1 Byron 0

So I’ve been dealt yet another setback which seems to be the norm in my life.
I am really not the “Debbie the Downer” kind of person but I was told a few days ago that I’m nothing but negative so it must be true.

I kind of look at my life as climbing a mountain in a snow storm wearing a polo shirt, khaki pants and flip-flops. I am fortunate enough to have 1/2 pack of smokes but only 3 wet matches. Instead of ropes I have a spool of thread. The summit is only 500 yards away but a persistant bird keeps bothering me and shitting in my eyes. The goal is within sight but it’s never gonna happen at this pace.

In the last year I’ve been dealt death, sadness, pain and stress so I’ve decided that being the nice guy isn’t paying off (it’s just a shame that it’s taken almost 39 years to figure that out) so I am going to take my chances at the fork in the road this time.

How much is one person supposed to go through before it all gets better? I guess this is why I have a problem with the whole religion thing. Why are a scant few rewarded while others are tested on a daily basis?
I know that no one reads this blog so perhaps that’s a good thing.
Just 1 good day and a rope from above, is that too much to ask?

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