The story that never ends

So have you heard the story of the man of constant sorrow?
Well I woke up one day to discover that man was me. I have complained that being out of work for 7 months was killing me then out of the blue they decided to accomodate my restrictions at the office. So I return and only 2 days back my aunt in Tennessee passes away and I take a couple days to go back home for her funeral.
I return for two full weeks and then Friday night when I left work my wrist feels a little more painful than normal.
Saturday afternoon it feels even worse and I had to call the surgeons office at 4am Sunday morning. Lucky me gets the resident on call who sounds like he is passed out in an alley in Broad Ripple
He tells me to take some Tylenol and call back Monday. I remembered that I had some Tylenol #3 left so I took 2 and waited for relief that never came.

Sunday afternoon came and it was time to pack up the family and head to the emergency room.
I knew 3 things before going, that my visit would be quick, courteous and disappointing but I was desperate for someone to believe me and to find relief!
I left the hospital with a diagnosis of exacerbated stenosis (or in simple folk talk, “you aggrivated your injury”) and a script for vicodin and no sign of infection.

Monday at 8am I’m on the phone with the triage nurse at the doctors office explaining what my weekend had been like. She has the balls to ask me why the E.R. doctor didn’t call the oncall resident and at that point I lost it! So after I pissed her off by saying that’s not my problem now is it?!
She told me if I wanted to be seen I had to go to the Kokomo office since he has clinic there on Mondays
I was there in less than an hour.
It took one look less than 10 seconds and he said “You sir have an infection”
So to make a long story even longer I have a surgical site infection called cellulitis and the odds of getting that almost 1 1/2 months after surgery is unheard of but This Guy pulled it off!
I have to wear a splint that goes from my armpit to my hand so I will keep my wrist above my heart for god knows how long and I have to go to an infusion clinic 7 days a week for 3 weeks to get I.V. antibiotics and on top of that, no work

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