AT&T Mark The Spot App

I have been with AT&T for over 10 years now and yes it is true sometimes their coverage is less than perfect. I have verizon for my company issued work phone and can honestly say that in my opinion their coverage is the worst of all.
Several months ago I was looking through the app store and came across AT&T Mark The Spot and since it was free decided to get it.
With all the crap I’ve seen on television about maps and coverage this could be the greatest tool ever for iPhone users. The first screen has no frills just a simple message:

As you can see the next screen is a breakdown of what issue you are having:

If you click on the map button it will pull up a map of your location and you can then pinpoint exactly where you are / were when the issue occured (nice feature if you are in fact within a dead zone)

after hitting submit you get a popup that let’s you know it’s on it’s way

They even send a free SMS to let you know your issue was received 🙂

So to all those out there who say AT&T sucks, they are trying to get user input to make the service better. Can your carrier say the same thing?

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