Forgotten Memories

The human brain is one of the most miraculous creations on earth, it can recall bits of information faster than any super computer that will ever be built.

I can recall the first telephone number I memorized as a child 525-7598 I can remember my first address 127 Cedar Ave. I can even remember the first time going to the E.R. to get stitches when I was 3 and doing my Elvis dance in the living room and hit the corner of the coffee table.
Some of my most precious memories are from my childhood. My dad passed away when I was 11 and my mom shortly thereafter when I was 14. I’m 38 now and not a day goes by that I don’t have some sort of memory of my parents, like going fishing, picnics or family gatherings, but time has slowly taken the most precious memory of all, the memory of their voice.
I recall conversations and sayings they both had with me but they are in a voice that is my own.
I know some joyous day I will hear them again, and for now that lessens the pain & sadness so please take the time to live, love and listen to those who mean something to you, because at some point they may become YOUR forgotten memories.

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