My Take on the McDonalds Mac Snack Wrap!

Ok I’ve never written about a food experirence, however last night I had something that made me think.

The reason I had went to McDonalds in the first place had been the fact that I won a contest hosted by Wesley D. Chapman (You know, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s son). The first person to post a picture of themselves in front of a McDonalds would win a Big Mac and a cool shirt from

So I went last night to claim the second part of my prize and I saw a sign at the drive thru at McDonalds for the new Mac Snack Wrap and thought it’s probably nasty but think I’ll give it a go.

As you can see in the photo at the top there is a bite taken out of it but after that first bite I had to stop and look in awe at the goodness that lay before me. It has all the ingredients of the sandwich minus the bread and that my friends has started an affair that my taste buds will never forget πŸ™‚

I did however know it was fate when today I open the mailbox to find this

Yup that’s right, 2 free Mac Snack Wraps for being a valued customer!

I think the wrap option for their other sandwiches may be in the works and if the Fillet O Fish comes out soon I’ll be first in line πŸ™‚

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One Response to My Take on the McDonalds Mac Snack Wrap!

  1. Wes says:

    LOL! I am glad I got you ‘thinking’! lol you always make me smile when I read your twitter and blogs!


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