Relief at last!

The waiting has come to an end!
The surgeons office just called me and said “Hey, what you doing next Wednesday?” to which I replied probably what I’m doing now, and that’s just sitting here!
“How about we get this surgery done because you’ve been through enough”
After I took a few moments to cry (yup real men do cry!) I told her I WILL be there!
This has been such an ordeal.
My thanks go out to Dr.Vlahovich at Eagle Creek Internal Medicine and Dr.Hallam at The Care Group
They were concerned about my heart since my stress test was positive, but virtualy the same as the previous one last year.
I am entrusting Dr. Baltera at The Indiana Hand Center to make my hand and wrist pain free again so I can return to work and hopefully a somewhat normal life again.
I want to personally thank each of you for your thoughts and prayers over the last 6 months.


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One Response to Relief at last!

  1. Dad says:

    Great news Byron.

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