My New Years Resolution

So here we are again at the end of another year and a new beginning just a few hours away.
2009 has been full of ups and downs peeking around corners and darting across the street without looking first.
2010 will hopefully bring newfound hope for all including myself and my family.
There is one resolution I promise to myself that I will make a reality, and that is to be a kinder person to the world.
A simple smile, a simple “have a good day”, a simple “hang in there”. These things cost nothing, but are often priceless to the individual on the other end.
Please and Thank You are also 2 words that will become more used in my vocabulary.
I once was asked “when you are at a restaraunt why do you always say please and thank you to the server when they bring you something or when you ask for something?” well I just told them I was being polite, but I really wanted to say, “indeed they are only doing their job, but they are servers and not just servants!”
Be kind to one another, look beyond the color of our skin, pay no attention to the accent or ethnic background.
There are some terrible people in this world, but there are more of the “good” than the “bad”.
So in this new beginning we call 2010 take the time to smell the roses, each day is a gift no matter what, or who you believe in.
Thank you for being a part of my 2009 and let’s make the world a better place in 2010.


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One Response to My New Years Resolution

  1. W. Chapman says:

    Like it! If we all do our part this world would be a much safer and better place! This is a simple and great thing to accomplish!


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