$2 Challenge

So the holidays are here again and I don’t know about you but I have mixed feelings about them. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for family and friends to get together and have fun, but for many these times are hard to deal with due to loss of a loved one, unemployment, sickness or depression.

I have suffered from depression for quite some time now and as much as I love this time of year part of me can’t wait for it to be over.
Each day we encounter many people as we walk through the parking lot, down the sidewalk or even at the gas station. We are not mind readers (at least I’m not) and don’t know if someone is feeling down or depressed or just flat out having a bad day however we all know that kindness can give a reprive even of only for a moment.
My point to all this?
I challenge you to go to the bank sometime within the next week and get 5 $2 dollar bills (we waste $10 every week on something) and when you are out and about in a public place like the mall, post office, grocery or even the gas station pick out one random person and simply say “I’ve been challenged to give this money away, if you don’t need it simply return the favor”
We all like getting something out of the blue, and perhaps you will make someones day just a little better 🙂

I believe in the human spirit and the power of kindness is something we need in these trying times of war, sickness and recession.

Please take this $2 challenge and comment back on your experience.

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