If you only knew

One year ago today my brother called me and talked about Obama winning the election and he was proud to have voted for him. Rick was republican to the bone but knew he had to vote his conscience so he did.
He used to call me with a stupid joke or to tell me about something he saw or did at work and honestly it was annoying sometimes (but being the little brother) I was just doing my job 🙂
Rick was 13 hours away in New Jersey so we rarely saw each other and the phone was our lifeline.

November 4th 2008 was the last time I talked to Rick before he was taken suddenly from this earth.
Often I still reach for my phone to call and ask a question or just to hear his voice but then reality sets in and I know that will never happen again, so tonight at the end of your day do me a favor and pick up your phone and call someone you love, you never know if it’s the last time you’ll get the chance!

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