A bad day at work?

I had a surgical procedure done on 7/06/09 called a First Dorsal Compartment release http://www.wheelessonline.com/ortho/dequervains_disease It was supposed to be a routine surgery with a quick turnaround (3 weeks) It has now been 3 months and 1 week since and I have no less pain than before it was done. I’m sure the surgeon thought this would be an easy in and out thing that he has done many times. Shortly after surgery I noticed the surgical site was looking red and puffy. I have never had anything like this done to my hand before so I thought it may be normal. I began physical therapy within 1 1/2 weeks post-op and they noticed that it didn’t look well. On the next visit to the Dr. he said that I must be having a reaction to one of the two types of sutures he used, so I assumed since he was the expert he must know what he is talking about. As the incison began to heal I noticed the pain in my wrist was still there (I hadn’t noticed before since the incision was painful) I made sure to comply with everything he and the physical therapist instructed me to do and now I’m proud to say 3 months and roughly $10,000 later (Thank goodness for workers compensation) I am once again back to square one. On my visit to see him friday he said he thought there may scar tissue but he needed to open it back up to explore. I just want to go back to work!
I’m sure he didn’t want me to endure all this pain and have multiple follow up visits, but was this a result of a bad day at work? Was this something that could have been avoided?
Come back soon for updates

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