Ill see you in the morning

When you were just a pup you sat down in the street and rufused to walk any further. Your little body exausted from all the play and exercise.

When you were one you loved to chase the cat and play for hours amusing yourself with simple things like flies, sounds, pieces of thread on my pants you could play for hours non stop then when you finally gave out you would crawl in my lap and take a nap.

You loved to sleep in the bed and kick till you had enough space to stretch out and snore till you were the only one left.

There was the time you found the Tootsie Rolls, somehow you figured out how to unscrew the cap and eat every last one (wrapper and all) and manage to put the cap back on. Oh how smart you were.

When I felt sad you ALWAYS could look into my eyes as if to say “Hey it’s gonna be all right” when I came home you were always there with a wagging tail eager to see me.

Yesterday just like when you were a pup you became exausted. The wear and tear became too much on your frail old weary body, but now you can rest. I’ll be sad for a while, but with time it will be easier.

Just know this my friend, as much as you needed me to be your caregiver, you equally provided for me as well!

I’ll see you in the morning : )

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