I am man hear me purr!

Ok so I am doing my morning routine of flipping channels and found a show called “Tool Academy” and just had to stop and pause for a minute. Vh1 has stooped to an all time low in my opinion. I cannot imagine myself being anyone different that who I am today. I am not the super tough guy who crushes beer cans on his head or who thinks he is gods gift to women. I cannot fathom bar hopping to pick up the ladies. Watching sports has about the same effect on me as attending a seminar on the latest technique of anal fissure repair. Don’t get me wrong, I will stand my ground and kick some ass if need be, but I don’t have to bench press 500 pounds to be a man! Seems to me that most guys who have to do all this have some some sort of issue deep inside. On the other hand perhaps its me who has the greater issue. I’ve been around the block several times in my 38 years and have seen first hand the results of my shyness and introverted ways. I’ve been shot at, sucker punched, talked down to, laughed at, insulted and have taken it all as gladly as a child accepting cotton candy from a clown at the circus. Sometimes I feel ruined as a man because of my past and that is why I try so hard to be funny and make people laugh to feel like I am one of the accepted and not just another rung on the ladder of life. I just wanna be accepted for who I am

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