Ode to P.M.

Oh my long time friend. I remember the first time we crossed paths, you seemed very harsh! Over time you became more tolerable and today interacting with you is like a breath of fresh air. Over the years many people told me you were a bad influence yet they themselves had a personal relationship with you too! One thing I can say though, you have always been there through thick and thin.

Remember that time way back in the day at school we used to sneak out to get away from the boredom? Great times! I remember when my friends found out that we hung out, some of them said “You hang with P.M.?” I thought it was cool but not all of them felt the same. Lots of friends hung out with R.J.R. and that was cool too but R.J.R. just didn’t do it for me. I found out after a while doctors, lawyers, parents and even preachers are down with P.M. You have become an expensive friend to hang with but I keep hanging with you. I am kinda pissed though, when I was 31 I had a triple bypass and I swore your extreme lifestyle was the cause of it and I wasn’t gonna hang with you anymore. It was only 5 days post-op when I came crawling back to you and you accepted me with open arms. I knew it was gonna be fairly easy since you have that “addictive” personality. Its been 7 years since we got back together and man what a ride it has been! I kinda feel that you have betrayed me though since I’ve always been told “You can’t buy your friends” but you have never stopped me. I’ve had to scrape change, borrow money or simply beg someone else for just 5 minutes to spend with you.
I know someday hanging with you will kill me unless I simply close the door on you and I have tried that time after time with no success so I must thank you Philip Morris for dragging me into a relationship that is gonna be the death of me!

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One Response to Ode to P.M.

  1. Jess says:

    This is so good… I love it.

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