Hi, im Byron and im broken

The title says it all here I do believe. Tweeting and blogging for me is much easier than having a face to face conversation any day. I’ve never been a “people person” although I am the master of customer service. When I first moved to Indiana years ago my first job was a door to door salesman (well business to business) selling calculators, knives, toys. Almost anything that could be easily carried by hand I sold it. That was just about the hardest job that I could ever dive into and I hardly ever had a person walk away empty handed. I didn’t have the greatest childhood and there are many years that either I can’t remember or they are suppressed so deeply that they can’t come out. I was always told as a child that you learn more from listening than from talking. Is this really true? Should I tell my daughter the same thing? I now find myself in a situation that (to me) is devastating. I need to talk and when I try absolutely nothing is there. I am who I am and would give anything to change myself, but is changing myself supposed to be easy? Should it just come naturally? I know that my parents did the best for us considering the cards they were dealt but they both died when I was young and now that I’m grown there’s no opportunity to ask all those questions that most people get during their “Right of passage” . I think my biggest problem is that I am in survival mode and always have been so I don’t know where the switch is to turn it off. So now its evolved from learning more from listening than talking to show your weakness and you will surely be taken down.

There is way more to this story, but this is a start for me to share and try to mend my broken self.
Thank you for reading 🙂

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