Do i have “Stupid” on my forehead?

Ok, I have been on the internet for many years now and have seen thousands of spam emails in that time. Back in the good ol days the worst email you could get was the “If you don’t send this email to 10 people in the next 5 minutes you will endure great suffering for the rest of your life” or J.C. From Istanbul, Turkey sent this to 20 friends and received 200 goats within 24 hours. Nowadays I get those “Dear Sir” emails from some banker in South Africa claiming I won the lottery of some wealthy land owner died and chose me (out of everyone on earth) to become substantially wealthy if I can only provide my details of banking account and social security number. Don’t these people know we have figured them out? Or have they outsmarted us into believing these claims are true? Either way, I guess I miss the old days of internet.

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