The Day We Stood Still

It has been 8 years on this day (9/11) that we were stricken with the worst disaster that has ever been carried out on our soil. Its a shame that we can’t think of this on a daily basis. I try each year to have my own moment of silence to remember the victims, their families and friends. I have seen people waving American flags from overpasses and on their cars and it gives me a feeling of togetherness that nothing has ever done before. I know that not everyone can come to one conclusion of exactly who is to blame and how things could have been done differently but please don’t loose sight of the fact that someone somewhere lost their everything. 9/11 should be a day of remembrance and and reflection. Be kind to those you encounter not only on this day of reflection, but daily because tomorrow they may not be on this earth. I must also say “Thank You” to all of the pepole who sacrifice daily and run into the face of danger as we run out for safety.

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