Just another day

In 4 days I will celebrate 38 years of life on this big spinning ball of dirt and water we call “Earth”. It seems like just another day to me because when I was growing up birthdays were never really a big deal to us. I guess the fact that I’ve made it thus far is a pretty big accomplishment (I never thought I would make it to 20 much less 38 ) I try to celebrate each day as a victory, after all I do have a pretty good life compared to some. I have a wife and daughter that love me, I have a job (well long story), I have a few good friends and my health is somewhat ok. Every day is a gift that I hope I can instill in my daughter to help her overlook all the bad in this world we see on a daily basis, but not to think it is a bed of roses.
Be kind to one another, for each person you encounter was a gift in some form and you are a gift to them

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