Life is too short

Some guy in Lapel, IN woke up this am probably stumbled out of bed to go to the bathroom then to make the morning cup of caffeine, showered, got dressed and headed off to work. Once at work like anyother day clocked in did his usual duties but had no clue in just a short while his last moments on earth were about to come to a violent end. Meanwhile I was outside with the dog and the fire dept. across the street was pulling out with their tactical rescue trailer and I wondered what was going on. Soon after I saw a tweet from the local news (@WTHR) about a man trapped inside a grain silo and thought “That is horrible!”. It was probably a typical day to that person. So tonight as you drive home and spend time with family and friends keep one thing in mind, tomorrow someone somewhere is going to wake up to a typical day with an un-typical outcome. Live, Love, Laugh but most of all treat every moment as if it were your last and be kind to one another. Life is too short

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